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Bring Clients to your Website!

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Website Hosting

$21/ Month

Website Hosting and SSL Certificate

Plan Benefits

SSL Certificate
No cancellation fee
99% up time
SHA256 Secured
Amazon Web Services


PPC Advertising

$45/ Month

Advertise products and services using Google Ads

Plan Benefits

100% Neurotic PPC Management
Google Adwords
Machine Learning
Regression curve analysis


Digital Marketing

$300/ Month

Have our team enhance your digital footprint.

Plan Benefits

Weekly Facebook Posts
Weekly Instagram Posts
Google Adwords
Instagram Ads
Search Engine Optimization


Your membership will renew automatically every month. You may cancel your membership at any time from your member dashboard.

Web Application Development

Web Application projects come in all shapes and sizes,
which means that projects are billed at an hourly rate of $49/hr.

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Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

Of course, our trained frontend and backend developers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are happy with your design. We will have frequent in person and over the phone meetings to share the progress of our work as each milestone progresses before the final design is completed.

What Payment Options to do you offer?

Our websites offer three methods of payment: Stripe, Paypal, and Bitpay. These providers are industry leading in security, reliablity, and support. These providers handle all of the credit card and transaction information on the frontend and encrypt the credit card information as soon as it is submitted. This maximizes security for your customers and your business.

Where do you host your servers?

Our website are hosted on Amazon Web Services that can scale to thousands of users using elastic beanstalk and docker for affordable prices.

Do you accept every client?

Absolutely not, there are times that a client is simply not a good fit for our business model. Mod Technology creates extensive and high quality frontend and backend systems for small to medium sized companies that are willing to put in the teamwork and effort to better enable us to help them. Creating a customer driven, value add website requires a lot of input, information, and product knowledge from the client.

Do you use WordPress?

No, we use a high-end web application framework called Django - which runs on Python 3. Django was created in 2005 by the Django Software Foundation. Django is extremely scalable and is used by,,, along with many other leading technology companies. With the correct configuration and support Django can handle over 50,000 users a day, is extremely secure, and ridiculously fast.
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